The 2016 Ohio Stormwater Conference offers a unique opportunity to directly interact with over 450 representatives from many organizations, all of whom have a direct interest in stormwater quality issues and technologies.

Abel Recon
  1. Abel Recon: Abel Recon provides infrastructure services to municipal authorities as well as private entities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio and District of Columbia. Services offered by ABEL RECON include: Structure Rehabilitation, Ultra-violet light Cured-in-Place Pipelining, Infrastructure Cleaning and Evaluation, Chemical Grouting and Root Control, Storm Water Infrastructure Remediation, and CCTV Inspection. ABEL RECON offers the innovative technology required for the increasing demand in maintenance and repair of aging infrastructure. Our trained assessment personnel are PACP certified by NASSCO and can prepare a program to assist you in the evaluation of your system.
  1. Website: www.abelrecon.com

  1. ADS: At Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS), we develop state-of-the-art products and services that help solve storm water management and sanitary sewer challenges, while setting industry-wide standards for quality, durability and performance.
  1. Website: www.ads-pipe.com

  1. AECOM: Global leader in providing fully integrated professional technical and management support services for a broad range of markets. From transportation, energy and water systems, to enhancing environments and creating new buildings and communities, our vision is to make the world a better place.
  1. Website: www.aecom.com

  1. AMEC: A focused supplier of consultancy, engineering and project management services to its customers in the world’s oil and gas, mining, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets.
  1. Website: www.amec.com

Applied Polymer Systems, Inc.
  1. Applied Polymer Systems, Inc.: Applied Polymer Systems, Inc. is the originator of Floc Log®, Silt Stop® and Pond Log® products which are innovative blends of anionic polyacrylamide based products used for water clarification, erosion control, soil stabilization, soil thickening, pond/lake management, and inanimate nutrient removal. All APS products have undergone Acute and Chronic WET testing for sensitive aquatic organisms and have been found nontoxic by third party EPA certified laboratories. Floc Logs® and Pond Logs® remove turbidity including sediments, heavy metals and inanimate nutrients such as excess phosphorus. Silt Stop® powder can be applied to the soil for erosion control and soil stabilization. Silt Stop Powder® can also be used for soil thickening in demucking to make it more manageable for removal and hauling. For more information please visit our website at www.siltstop.com.
  1. Website: www.siltstop.com

  1. AQUA DOC: AQUA DOC is a full service lake and pond management company. For over 30 years, AQUA DOC has delivered a range of services from full season lake and pond management to fountains and aeration systems.
  1. Website: aquadocinc.com

Baughman Tile Company
  1. Baughman Tile Company: We manufacture and deliver HDPE Plastic Corrugated Drainage Tubing and Pipe, Fittings, Catch Basins and accessories for many different markets and storm sewer projects. We are a family owned business and have been in business Since 1883 for 134 Years the Baughman Family through 5 generations have run the company. We are a regional company and deliver up to 12 Midwest states and are State Approved in Ohio and many surrounding states. We have many different product lines including Poly-Drain Single-Wall Corrugated Plastic Drainage Tubing 4″ up to 24″, Poly Smooth-line Dual-Wall Pipe 4″ up to 48″, Poly 3-Wall Triple Wall Sewer & Drain Pipe, Custom Dual-Wall Fittings, Retention/Detention Systems, Catch Basins and Plastic Septic Tanks. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 800-837-3160. Thank you.
  1. Website: www.baughmantile.com

BEG Group
  1. BEG Group: The BEG Group Is an innovative group on individuals dedicated to providing products that are more environmentally friendly like our Switchgrass Erosion Control and filter product we call (The BIG Switch). Our products are all natural and completely environmentally friendly. For erosion control and run off filters THE BIG SWITCH Is the product nature intended. The BEG Group Is centrally located in Cambridge, Ohio with quick access to I-70 & I-77 which makes the shipping of products most convenient. When it comes to erosion control and storm water run off (We BEG to Differ).
  1. Website: BEG Group

BMP, Inc Snout
  1. Best Management Products, Inc.: BMP, Inc. makes SNOUT, Bio-Skirt Stainless TrashScreen to improve stormwater quality in the urban environment. Our designs focus on trash, floatables, gross-solids, oils, bacteria and sediment removals. All products are made in the US.
  1. Website: www.bmpinc.com

Bio Clean
  1. Bio Clean, a Forterra Company: Since 1999, Bio Clean has been helping municipalities, engineers, developers, and contractors comply with constantly changing storm water regulations – we’ve completed 1000’s of installations nationwide. Our product line covers every category of stormwater solutions and our products lead in each area.
  1. Website: www.biocleanenvironmental.com

Biohabitats, Inc
  1. Biohabitats, Inc.: Since the mid-90s, Biohabitats has been helping communities in Ohio and throughout the Great Lakes to improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat, restore degraded ecosystems, and facilitate educational opportunities through ecological restoration, conservation planning, and regenerative initiatives that are scientifically sound, realistic to implement and cost effective to manage. An environmental design and consulting firm, Biohabitats operates a Great Lakes Bioregion office in Cleveland.
  1. Website: www.biohabitats.com

BL Companies
  1. BL Companies: BL Companies is an employee-owned company providing architecture, engineering, land surveying, and environmental services to a wide range of public and private sector clients for land development, building design and infrastructure projects.
  1. Website: www.blcompanies.com

Blocksom and Co
  1. Blocksom & Co.: A manufacturer of natural fiber products, Blocksom & Co provides inlet filters, a cost effective BMP for construction Phase II NPDES compliance.
  1. Website: www.blocksom.com

Bluestem Communications
  1. Bluestem Communications: Bluestem Communications, a registered nonprofit organization, has 22 years of experience engaging residents to protect North America’s most precious land and water resources. Since 1995, we’ve used public opinion and other research to inform messages that speak to widely held cultural values and prominent public concerns. Bluestem works with municipalities, engineering firms, coalitions and other nonprofits to engage residents, develop education and outreach materials and implement campaigns. We work on a wide range of issues and topics, from stormwater and flooding to recycling and tree care.
  1. Website: www.bluestemcommunications.org

  1. Cardno: Cardno is a full service ecological consulting and restoration management firm providing design, engineering, construction, maintenance and monitoring solutions to wide variety of water resource projects and clients. Our storm water services range from compliance-based storm water management planning to the innovative application of naturalized solutions to attenuate stormwater runoff and improve receiving water quality. The expertise of our interdisciplinary staff and industry-leading Native Plant Nursery have delivered solutions to water resource challenges in Ohio for over 25 years.
  1. Website: www.cardno.com

CBI Systems – MS4web.com
  1. CBI Systems – MS4web.com: MS4web2.0 is a new and improved data management system for your MS4 compliance needs! Track, inspect and analyze your information while producing reports that help you be compliant! MS4web2.0 works on your laptop, desktop and mobile devices.
  1. Website: www.ms4web.com

CDM Smith
  1. CDM Smith: CDM is a consulting, engineering, construction, and operations firm delivering exceptional service to public and private clients worldwide.
  1. Website: www.cdmsmith.com

Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc
  1. Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc: Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. employs dedicated multidisciplinary Industry Consulting Groups to provide comprehensive services and expertise in the primary practice areas of civil/site engineering, environmental services, ecological services, waste management, and water resources.
  1. Website: www.cecinc.com

Cleanway Environmental Partners
  1. Cleanway Environmental Partners: CleanWay Environmental Partners manufactures stormwater, process water and wastewater filtration products to help businesses, municipalities and industrial sites meet their NPDES requirements. Choose from filters for drop inlets, catch basins, curb inlets, variants and booms for stormwater, process water and wastewater treatment applications including metals removal.
  1. Website: www.cleanwayusa.com

  1. CloudCompli: CloudCompli is a cloud-based solution that manages all MS4’s common requirements, including inspections monitoring, illicit discharge detection & elimination, public education, annual reporting, and more. Empower your team to complete tasks quicker and more accurately, all while reducing costs, minimizing risk and better serving the environment. CloudCompli – Data-Driven Stormwater Compliance.
  1. Website: www.cloudcompli.com

Containment & Filtration Solutions
  1. Containment & Filtration Solutions: Containment & Filtration Solutions (CF-S) is a pioneer in stormwater remediation, specializing in stormwater control and management. Our product the Drain Guardian is the #1 goto solution for spill control. Spill Control with no reaction required. Little to no training to implement. The Drain Guardian will provide a quick, easy and cost effective means of compliance with all local, state and federal, EPA & SPCC regulations.
  1. Website: cf-s.co

  1. Contech Engineered Solutions: Contech Engineered Solutions provides site solutions for engineers, contractors, architects, and owners. Our portfolio includes bridges, drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary sewer, and stormwater management products. Through cost-effective engineered solutions, we help build, support, and sustain land development projects while protecting the environment. Our reputation as an industry leader comes from world-class design, manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution services.
  1. Website: www.conteches.com

Coyle SWPPP Professionals
  1. Coyle SWPPP Professionals: Coyle SWPPP Professionals designs high quality Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans to meet all EPA regulations, ODOT Supplemental Specification 832 and all state and local requirements. Coyle SWPPP also provides weekly and/or monthly SWPPP inspections to ensure your site stays in compliance. We can provide on-site or in-the-field instruction to educate your project managers, superintendents, foremen or labors on important topics such as: Proper installation & maintenance of erosion and sediment control BMPs (Best Management Practices); Responsibilities of an erosion & sediment control inspector; Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans; EPA & ODOT SWPPP regulations surrounding construction.
  1. Website: www.CoyleSWPPP.com

CT Consultants, Inc.
  1. CT Consultants, Inc.: CT Consultants, Inc. is the trusted name for municipal engineering professional services. By delivering high quality service for over 85 years, CT is the leader in municipal engineering professional consulting services.
  1. Website: www.ctconsultants.com

CTL Engineers, Inc.
  1. CTL Engineering, Inc.: CTL Engineering is a consulting engineering company specializing in environmental services, geotechnical engineering, and construction testing and inspection. Established in 1927, CTL maintains a staff of over 250 employees, including Registered Engineers, Chemists, Environmental Engineers & Scientists, Geologists, Non-Destructive Testing Specialists, Certified Welding Inspectors and Technicians.
  1. Website: www.ctleng.com

  1. Dandy: Dandy Products is the nation’s leading manufacturer of inlet protection products. The Dandy Bag®, Dandy Sack®, Dandy Curb Bag®, Dandy Curb Sack®, Dandy Curb® and Dandy Pop® will help keep silt, sediment and construction debris out of your inlets and keep you out of the pipe cleaning business.
  1. Website: www.dandyproducts.com

Davey Resource Group
  1. Davey Resource Group: Davey Resource Group’s staff of scientists, planners, and GIS technicians can provide you with a complete suite of ecological consulting services, including wetlands and stream assessments and delineations, restoration planning, design and monitoring, watershed planning, and endanged species and other ecological surveys.
  1. Website: www.daveyresourcegroup.com

DBi Services
  1. DBi Services: DBi Services is a stormwater management company. They contract their services of stormwater rehabilitation and maintenance.
  1. Website: www.dbiservices.com

DeepRoot Green Infrastructure, LLC
  1. DeepRoot Green Infrastructure, LLC: DeepRoot products are high-quality tree care and stormwater management tools to promote ecological function in urban areas. With nearly 40 years of experience, we continue to develop products that satisfy the needs of both the natural and the built environment, and we have thousands of trees worldwide as living proof. Our products are manufactured in the USA in ISO/TS 16949 compliant and ISO 9001:2008 registered factories, and made using post-consumer recycled materials wherever possible. The Silva Cell is the first commercially available modular suspended pavement system. Designed to mimic forest soil conditions in an urban context, Cells are used under paving as a means to deliver soil to support tree growth and absorb stormwater right where it falls. As the tree grows, it provides increasing ecosystem services such as shading/cooling from the sun, and interception and evapotranspiration of water from rainfall. Unlike other forms of infrastructure, the Silva Cell system actually gains functional capacity over time.
  1. Website: www.deeproot.com

DLM Plastics
  1. DLM Plastics: DLM Plastics has over 50 years of experience in flexible plastics design and manufacturing. Our Markets include but are not limited to Aviation, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Bio-Medical, Industrial and Research Environment Control, Military, NOAA, Primary and Secondary Containment, Pharmaceutical Research, Security, Stormwater Management, and Vacuum Laminating. Our core process is RF welding and other processing capabilities include Impulse, Hot air, Wedge welding and Sewing. DLM Plastics’ many years of custom projects have provided a variety of specialized tooling from which to work with on new projects.
  1. Website: www.dlmplastics.com

Eco Fabriks, LLC
  1. Eco Fabriks, LLC: Manufacturer and supplier of coconut fiber erosion control products.
  1. Website: www.ecofabriks.com

  1. EcoRainAmerica: EcoRain America is the sole authorized dealer in the US by the patent holder for the EcoRain technology. We manufacture the most versatile stormwater system available. Modular underground tanks for infiltration, detention or harvesting. Our Drainage Cells for the Landscape, sport fields, retaining walls, pervious paving, etc. There simply is no better way to manage storm water.
  1. Website: www.ecorainamerica.com

  1. EJ: EJ and its global affiliated companies are the global leader providing the best infrastructure access solutions and innovative access solutions.
  1. Website: www.ejco.com

  1. EMH&T: EMH&T is a full spectrum engineering consulting firm bringing clients a depth of resources and experience in civil and water resources engineering, land surveying, land planning and environmental sciences since 1926.
  1. Website: www.emht.com

  1. Enviroscience: EnviroScience is a full-service ecological consulting firm providing “Excellence in Any Environment” since 1989. Our biologists provide a broad range of ecological services including endangered species surveys, wetland delineations and 404/401 permitting, design-build stream and wetland restoration, fishery surveys, freshwater mussel surveys, commercial diving, stormwater inspection, ecological emergency response services, bioassay testing, and lake management.
  1. Website: www.enviroscienceinc.com

Ernst Conservation Seeds
  1. Ernst Conservation Seeds: Ernst Conservation Seeds specializes in native seed and plant materials for a wide range of reclamation, riparian and stormwater management needs.
  1. Website: www.ernstseed.com

  1. Flexamat: Flexamat® is a permanent erosion control mat that is used to stabilize channels, stream banks, riverbanks, canals, inlet/outlets, spillways, and shorelines. Flexamat® allows native vegetation growth within the matting while remaining as a permanent armor against erosion. The mat is comprised of 5000 PSI concrete blocks, embedded into a high strength geogrid. Flexamat® is packaged in rolls. Various roll widths are available, as well as custom lengths. Un-vegetated hydraulic capabilities: *24+ psf and 19+ ft/sec. *ASTM D 6460 – 30% channel testing over Sandy Loam
  1. Website: www.Flexamat.com

  1. FODS, LLC: With a combined 30 years of experience, our team of contractors and engineers designed the FODS Trackout Mat – the only durable, cost-saving, and environmentally friendly trackout solution available. The FODS Trackout Mat was created as a simple solution to a common problem. As business owners, we became tired of spending valuable time and money on ineffective, conventional trackout solutions like aggregate or wheel washes which still resulted in job site fines. At FODS we like to solve complicated problems with simple solutions so, we created the FODS Trackout Mat – to stop mud in its tracks.
  1. Website: getfods.com

Fondriest Environmental, Inc.
  1. Fondriest Environmental, Inc.: Fondriest Environmental is a distributor and integrator of sampling and monitoring equipment for stormwater professionals including water level sensors, rain gauges, flow meters, and wireless telemetry systems.
  1. Website: www.fondriest.com

GeoStabilization International
  1. GeoStabilization International: GeoStabilization focuses on bringing new technologies to the geohazard repair industry to reduce project time, cost, and minimize environmental impact. Through many years of training, experience, and this founding philosophy, GeoStabilization engineers and constructors now stand as the most qualified and most experienced in the industry. GeoStabilization International® is the leading geohazard mitigation company in North America.
  1. Website: www.geostabilization.com

GPD Group
  1. GPD Group: GPD Group (GPD) proudly provides architecture, engineering, planning and construction services to public and private sector clients throughout Ohio and across the United States. We established roots in Akron, Ohio in 1961 and today, through our employee ownership structure, dedication and hard work, have grown to a firm of over 550 professionals located in 12 offices nationwide. GPD offers a comprehensive and diverse range of services within the framework of State / Federal, Local Governments, Corporate, and Private Utilities. We deliver value throughout the life cycle of a project with an integrated approach that capitalizes on our full service capabilities.
  1. Website: www.gpdgroup.com

Grande Water Management
  1. Grande Water Management: Grande specializes in the design and fabrication of stormwater management equipment.
  1. Website: www.grandeinc.com

HaloKlear Natural Flocculants
  1. HaloKlear: The HaloKlear product portfolio consists of 100% biodegradable natural flocculants. HaloKlear technologies address a wide variety of pollutants and contaminant types, including total suspended solids, algae, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, oils and biobased compounds. Effective on their own or in conjunction with other chemistries, these natural flocculants can be used in active, semi-passive and passive applications with existing equipment or as part of a customized product. HaloKlear offers solutions that function in both fresh and saltwater, and our on-site residual testing capabilities ensure compliance with regulations to continue to protect the environment and help delicate ecosystems thrive.
  1. Website: www.dober.com/water_treatment/haloklear.php

HydraTech Engineered Products
  1. HydraTech Engineered Products: With a broad history in the coatings industries and trenchless pipe rehabilitation, HydraTech Engineered Products’ offers a range of quality products and services to a global customer base. HydraTech honors its responsibility to provide customers with the best pipeline repair products, and to conduct business in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. HydraTech’s technologies offer economical and environmental benefits by improving the long-term safety and efficiency of existing infrastructure.HydraTech is committed to providing complete support through engineered pipeline repair solutions, using proven products installed by experienced and knowledgeable contractors. Our products are backed by engineering, and each installation is supported with training and on site services. The diverse Mechanical, Civil and Chemical Engineering backgrounds of HydraTech’s technical staff ensure the long-term success of each project.
  1. Website: www.hydratechllc.com

Hydro International
  1. Hydro International: Hydro International creates engineered solutions for treating storm and waste water resulting in better water quality and a cleaner environment. Our stormwater products are designed to help our customers meet site-specific regulations such as: TSS, trash, hydrocarbon and dissolved metal removal. Each MS4 will ultimately dictate what performance goals the system must achieve so, Hydro offers a variety of hydrodynamic vortex separators and filter options to help our customers fit their specification and meet their site-specific parameters.
  1. Website: www.hydro-int.com

  1. Hydrosource LLC: Manufacturer’s rep for Invisible Structures of porous paving system allowing rainwater to percolate through the surface and back into the ground. Smartditch, a thermoformed HDPE channel/ditch lining systems for irrigation, storm water and erosion control.
  1. Website: www.hydrosourcesales.com

Innovyze, Inc.
  1. Innovyze, Inc.: Innovyze is a leading global provider of wet infrastructure business analytics software solutions designed to meet the technological needs of water/wastewater utilities, government agencies, and engineering organizations worldwide. Our stormwater products include InfoSWMM, InfoSWMM-2D, InfoWorks ICM (Integrated Catchment Modeling) and our latest innovations; SWMMLive and ICMLive which provide for real-time modeling, operational forecasting and decision support. Visit www.innovyze.com to learn more and stop by our booth for a free demo.
  1. Website: www.innovyze.com

Integrity Aquatic
  1. Integrity Aquatic: Integrity Aquatic specializes in Underwater Construction, Maintenance and Inspections. The company is owned by a Licensed Professional Engineer who has been diving for over 26 years and is Commercially Certified as a Surface Supplied Air Diver.

    We are located in northeast Ohio. However, our dive crew has constructed and performed inspections of Dams, Locks, Bridges, Piers, Pipelines, Intakes, Outfalls, Confined Space Tunnels, Water Towers, Submerged Power Cables and Treatment Plants throughout the United States.
  1. Website: www.integrityaquatic.com

Jack Doheny Companies
  1. Jack Doheny Supplies: Jack Doheny Companies carries one of the largest selections of new, used and remanufactured sewer cleaning and air handling equipment in the world.
  1. Website: www.dohenysupplies.com

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT)
  1. Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT): JMT is an employee-owned architectural/engineering company offering a full array of consulting and technology services for infrastructure projects throughout the U.S. JMT is proud to be a leader in applying sound engineering principles to solve complex issues and achieve environmentally sensitive and sustainable designs. JMT presents innovative solutions to some of the toughest stormwater and integrated water resources problems facing our clients.
  1. Website: www.jmt.com

K.E. McCartney & Associates, Inc.
  1. K.E. McCartney & Associates, Inc.: K.E. McCartney & Associates, Inc. (KEM) is a full service civil engineering and surveying firm providing quality services at a fair price since 1978. A key component of KEM’s operating philosophy is communication. Should there be a question expect a prompt and courteous response in a timely manner, that is our commitment. In addition KEM has a proven track record of getting the job done on time. We understand the importance of meeting scheduled deadlines.
  1. Website: www.kemccartney.com

King Environmental Group
  1. King Environmental Group: King Environmental Group (KEG), offers a highly diversified history of experience in both environmental and heavy civil construction services. We strive to provide single source solutions that offer a truly all inclusive approach to a project’s success. Our goal is simply to provide the client with the most cost effective and least disruptive solution while insuring the quality of the end product that they expect.
  1. Website: www.kingenvironmental.com

Kuert Concrete
  1. Kuert Concrete: Kuert Concrete is proud to announce its Supply Center’s Mid-West release of a new revolutionary product called Xeripave Super Pervious Pavers, which allows storm water to flow through the whole surface area of the paver. Since 1927, Kuert Concrete is your single source for all your concrete and landscape contractor needs.
  1. Website: www.kuertsupplycenter.com

Kurtz Bros, Inc.
  1. Kurtz Bros, Inc.: At the forefront of Stormwater BMP supply and implementation, Kurtz Bros., Inc. provides Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil, rooftop growing media, permeable paving supplies and design guidance.
  1. Website: www.kurtz-bros.com

Lindsay Precast
  1. Lindsay Precast: Precast concrete manufacture that has been in business for over 50 years. Our product lines are diverse and range from catch basins and manholes all the way up to meeting the needs for the solar market. Our Corporate headquarters are located in Canal Fulton, Ohio (Akron/Canton) and with 7 more manufacturing facilities in Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida we are able to service the entire United States. Lindsay Precast, Protecting What Matters.
  1. Website: www.lindsayprecast.com

MS Consultants
  1. MS Consultants: MS Consultants, inc. is a multidiscipline engineering, architecture and planning firm providing full services to public and private clients throughout the United States.
  1. Website: www.msconsultants.com

M Tech
  1. M Tech: M Tech Company is a provider of premium equipment including street sweepers, service trucks, sewer cleaning/inspection equipment, safety equipment, and many other related tools. M Tech also performs various training courses geared towards safety and proper use of equipment.
  1. Website: www.mtechcompany.com

Meredith Brothers, Inc.
  1. Meredith Brothers, Inc.: Meredith Brothers, Inc. is the premier civil engineered solution company in the Midwest. Supplier of Geo Retaining Walls, Trackless Tack, BASF Grouts, Storm Trap, GEOWEB, GEOGRID, GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers, Filter Fabrics, AquaBlok, Water Quality Skimmers, ECB, TRM’s, Crack Fillers, GlasGrid, GlasPave, ScourStop and all styles of pullboxes.
  1. Website: www.meredithbrothersinc.com

NDS Inc.
  1. NDS Inc.: Since 1972, NDS has been the #1 choice of professionals and homeowners for stormwater management, landscape irrigation, and water flow management.
  1. Website: www.ndspro.com

National Gunite
  1. National Gunite: National Gunite provides trenchless repair of sewers and storm culverts using sprayed on concrete with steel reinforcement. The finished job restores the structural integrity of the pipe for decades of future use at a fraction of the cost of installing new pipe.
  1. Website: www.nationalgunite.com

Neenah Foundry Company
  1. Neenah Foundry Company: Made in the USA. Neenah Foundry’s outlook has been the same for more than 140 years. We believe in more than just iron drainage castings and trench grating – more than just automatic drainage gates, shear gates, and pressure release valves. We believe in partnering with you to build a better world, one project at a time.
  1. Website: www.neenahfoundry.com

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
  1. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District: The District is responsible for wastewater treatment facilities and interceptor sewers in the greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area. This service area encompasses the City of Cleveland and all or portions of 61 suburban municipalities in Cuyahoga, Summit, Lake and Lorain Counties and includes a diversified group of manufacturing and processing industries.
  1. Website: www.neorsd.org

Nothern Concrete Pipe
  1. Nothern Concrete Pipe: Providing Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Structures and Box Culverts for Storm Water and Sanitary Sewer Applications.
  1. Website: www.ncp-inc.com

Norwalk Concrete Industries
  1. Norwalk Concrete Industries: Norwalk Concrete Industries (NCI) is your “Design/Build” manufacturer of precast concrete construction products. In our 109th year of precasting, we are an ODOT
    and NPCA Plant Certified facility. Recent additions to our product line include the ReCon “Big Block” retaining wall system, Easi-Set Transportable Buildings, Verti-Crete Privacy and Security Fence, NCI OnSite residential wastewater system designs and the Thermal-Krete Basement Wall Foundation. Traditional products include storm and sanitary manholes, drainage structures, J-J Hooks portable concrete barrier, utility vaults, process tanks and manholes, oil interceptors and grease traps, pump / lift stations, septic tanks, cisterns and Norweco residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems. NCI performs field installation and start-up services for all of our treatment plant and pump / lift station designs.it!
  1. Website: www.nciprecast.com

Ohio Department of Natural Resources
  1. Ohio Department of Natural Resources: ODNR’s Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve and Division of Soil and Water Resources provide training, technical guidance and research to support effective stormwater management throughout Ohio.
  1. Website: www.dnr.state.oh.us

Ohio Environmental Council
  1. Ohio Environmental Council: The mission of the Ohio Environmental Council is to secure healthy air, land, and water for all who call Ohio home. We help individuals, communities, and businesses go green, save money, and live healthier. Using legislative initiatives, legal action, scientific principles, and statewide partnerships, we secure a healthier environment for Ohio’s families and communities.
  1. Website: www.theoec.org

Ohio EPA
  1. Ohio EPA: The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is a trusted leader and environmental steward using innovation, quality service and public involvement to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all Ohioans. Our mission is to protect the environment and public health by ensuring compliance with environmental laws and demonstrating leadership in environmental stewardship.
  1. Website: www.epa.state.oh.us

  1. OHM Advisors: An award-winning team of advisors who provide Civil and Environmental Engineering, Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Construction Engineering, and Surveying.
  1. Website: www.ohm-advisors.com

  1. Oldcastle: The Oldcastle Precast water division is a team of experienced stormwater specialists developing new products and individual solutions to meet the ever changing regulations that protect our environment. We offer a complete line of stormwater detention, retention, infiltration and treatment systems, all manufactured in our locations across the U.S.
  1. Website: www.oldcastlestormwater.com

Parjana Distribution Inc.
  1. Parjana Distribution, LLC: Parjana Distribution is a stormwater management technology firm. Working on earth’s natural forces, our unique 5 open chamber extrusions once acclimated increase the soil’s hydraulic conductivity by repairing and reconnecting soil porosity damaged by compaction, enhancing infiltration via lateral flow while recharging groundwater. Our patented Energy-passive Groundwater Recharge Product (EGRP®) has proven to reduce SW flow by 80% and more, while stabilizing soil moisture content.
  1. Website: www.parjanadistribution.com

Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc
  1. Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc.: Precision Laser & Instrument, Inc. is an “Authorized Distribution Partner” of Trimble equipment and accessories. We provide comprehensive positioning solutions for the Construction, Surveying and GIS industries by offering sales of top-quality laser, optical and positioning equipment and accessories. PLI has service centers that have made us a “Preferred Service Provider” and “Authorized Warranty Center” for a number of manufacturers, rentals with a rent-to-purchase (credit-option) for cost-effective solutions to supplement existing equipment and training/technical support that is available with every sale or rental made. This training and support can further be customized by length or location to fit all job-specific needs. PLI is renowned for its high level of customer care, serving Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Southern Michigan.”
  1. Website: www.laserinst.com

Press-Seal Corporation
  1. Press-Seal Corporation: Press-Seal Corporation is a leader in sealing underground collection systems watertight to increase system life since 1954. We provide stormwater designers with an array of watertight sealing product options for connecting pipe into manholes and catch basins along with sealing box culverts and many pipe types.
  1. Website: www.press-seal.com

  1. PRIME AE Group: PRIME AE Group provides a full range of services in architecture and engineering, construction management and inspection for water resources projects throughout the State of Ohio and Midwest.
  1. Website: www.primeeng.com

Prime Resins
  1. Prime Resins: Prime Resins manufactures polyurethane and acrylate grouts, epoxy injection resins and polyurea coatings that are optimally formulated to stop leaks, lift slabs, stabilize soils, fill voids, and protect concrete structures.
  1. Website: www.primeresins.com

Profile Products
  1. Profile Products: Profile Products is a manufacturer of Hydraulic Erosion Control products and soil amendments that balance and improve soil structure to achieve maximum sustainable vegetation.
  1. Website: www.profileproducts.com

Redi Rock Structures of OKI
  1. Redi Rock Structures of OKI: Redi-Rock walls hold up the roads you drive on every day. They create space in your yard, protect your town from flooding, and safeguard your bridges from erosion. Over time, you’ve come to expect a lot out of retaining walls. Redi-Rock is an engineered retaining wall system that looks great, is easy to install, and will stand the test of time.
  1. Website: www.redi-rockstructures.com

Rinker Materials
  1. Rinker Materials: The Stormceptor system is a water quality treatment device used to remove total suspended solids (TSS) and free oil (TPH) from storm water run-off. Rinker Materials provides full technical support for Stormceptor and reinforced concrete pipe. Both are manufactured in strict accordance with AASHTO and ASTM standards.
  1. Website: www.rinkerpipe.com

S&ME, Inc.
  1. S&ME, Inc.: S&ME delivers engineering, design, planning, environmental, and construction services for the built environment. Founded in 1973, we have grown to an 1100-person corporation operating from 35 offices across the US. S&ME is owned by its employees who remain faithful to our core values of safety, quality, honesty and integrity. We believe engineering and technical services must be directed by professionals with relevant experience, so we build our teams to fit projects. Our goal is to provide practical solutions to our clients’ infrastructure, development and environmental challenges. We care about our clients and devote our abundant resources and technical expertise to helping them safely and efficiently meet their objectives.
  1. Website: www.smeinc.com

  1. SiltSaver: Our High Visibility Green color, used in most of the products that we produce, has quickly became synonymous with Silt-Saver. Our products have become known and accepted throughout the engineering community as problem solvers. Our patented designs combine performance, safety, efficiency and reusability.
  1. Website: www.siltsaver.com

Site Supply Inc.
  1. Site Supply Inc.: Site Supply Inc is a distributor of stabilization, drainage and erosion control materials. They are an exclusive distributor for Pave Drain.
  1. Website: www.sitefabric.com

Source One Environmental
  1. Source One Environmental: In 2009 the Fernco Company, Source One Environmental (S1E), began with an idea, a product and a desire to provide innovative support to municipalities, contractors and plumbers in the water management and infrastructure rehabilitation markets. S1E was founded on the premise that infrastructure repair was a growing market, but needed inventive solutions. During this period, Fernco’s sister company Flexseal had developed a unique infrastructure repair application, better known as Pipe Doctor®. Pipe Doctor is a Cure-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) trenchless repair. Pipe Doctor was brought over to the U.S. market and put through rigorous testing; however, S1E needed a solution that would comply with U.S. codes and standards. We went to great lengths to engineer, upgrade and streamline what is today known as PipePatch®, a No-Dig trenchless pipe repair second to none.
  1. Website: www.s1eonline.com

Stantec Consulting Services
  1. Stantec Consulting Services: We’re active members of the communities we serve. That’s why at Stantec, we always design with community in mind. The Stantec community unites approximately 22,000 employees working in over 400 locations across six continents. Our work—engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management, and project economics, from initial project concept and planning through design, construction, and commissioning—begins at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. With a long-term commitment to the people and places we serve, Stantec has the unique ability to connect to projects on a personal level and advance the quality of life in communities across the globe.
  1. Website: www.stantec.com

Storm Water Simplified Ltd
  1. Storm Water Simplified Ltd: Storm Water Simplified Ltd offers SWPPPTrack. The Future of SWPPP Inspection and Oversight. With SWPPPTrack’s state of the art mobile inspection app and automated work flow processes your SWPPP related work is reduced from many time consuming tasks to just one simple step. Developed in collaboration with building industry and public sector professionals, SWPPPTrack is easy to use and flexible. If you are a government entity, inspector, developer or contractor SWPPPTrack will save you loads of time and make your work more effective.
  1. Website: www.StormWaterSimplified.com

StormTank / Brentwood Industries
  1. StormTank / Brentwood Industries: The StormTank product line is engineered to meet the most stringent industry performance standards and provide a flexible solution to varying project demands. Utilized for infiltration, detention, reuse, and pretreatment purposes, StormTank products offer an affordable and sustainable solution for stormwater management.
  1. Website: www.brentwoodindustries.com

Stormwater Buffer Zone
  1. Stormwater Buffer Zone: Stormwater Buffer Zone is in the business of stormwater treatment. Our flagship product line,The SiltPrison, are stormwater quality units that combine the treatment mechanisms of both a gravity separator and staged membrane filter to address fine sediment and particulate-bound phosphorus, metals, and other pollutants. It is in our company’s mission to develop technologies that help ease the impact of urban development.
  1. Website: www.siltprison.com

Stormwater Solutions
  1. Stormwater Solutions: Storm Water Solutions’ editorial staff Strives to provide a trusted business platform that effectively connects industry decision-makers and solution providers. Subscriber include engineers, contractors, government officials and other professionals who actively design, specify, buy and maintain storm water and erosion control industry equipment & services.
  1. Website: www.estormwater.com

Suntree Technologies
  1. Suntree Technologies: Since 1993 Suntree Technologies has been developing solutions for stormwater management with an emphasis on innovation and performance. With THOUSANDS of installations nationwide Suntree delivers products that are economical to install, trouble-free to maintain and are built to last! We recognize that every site has it’s own unique challenges, and that is why Suntree offers flexible design options to compliment our trusted line of water quality units. Suntree products are engineered to perform….Storm after Storm!
  1. Website: www.suntreetech.com

SW Products, LLC
  1. SW Products, LLC: SW Products, LLC produces the Marlee Float™ Skimmer, a stormwater/erosion control device. The skimmer is used to meet EPA surface withdrawal requirements in new construction for sediment basins, or it can be installed permanently in retentions and detention ponds.
  1. Website: www.swproductsus.com

Team EJP
  1. Team EJP: Team EJP providing quality service and products to the waterworks industry for over 60 years.
  1. Website: www.ejprescott.com

United Storm Water, Inc.
  1. United Storm Water, Inc.: United Storm Water, Inc., is a pioneer in storm water remediation and storm water management services exhibiting an outstanding level of technical experience, physical resources, and innovative solutions. Our custom made treatment control best management practice (BMP) products have been tested and proven to reduce the levels of debris, heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons from entering storm water effluent.
  1. Website: www.unitedstormwater.com

Water Environment Federation
  1. WEF: The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is the world’s preeminent water organization. WEF produces WEFTEC–North America’s top water conference and exhibition that includes a Stormwater Pavilion, which showcases innovative stormwater treatment products and services including a theater for programming.
  1. Website: www.wef.org

Williams Creek Consulting
  1. Williams Creek Consulting: Williams Creek Consulting, Inc. is an Indiana Corporation founded in 2002 specializing in ecological engineering and consultation within the public and private sectors. Their integrated disciplines include sustainable sites engineering, regulatory consultation, and watershed restoration.
  1. Website: www.williamscreek.net

XP Solutions
  1. XP Solutions: Established in 1974, XP Solutions is a world leading provider of industry standard sustainable drainage and flood hazard software for the civil engineering and environmental sectors. Our reliable software technology and professional solutions are used every day around the world by government agencies, engineering companies and environmental management organizations to plan, design, simulate and manage the impact of human interaction with the natural world. XPDRAINAGE is a new software program by XP Solutions that allows stormwater designers to save time in their design workflow, easily incorporate water quality controls, convey results to team members and clients and more. Visit xpsolutions.com to learn more.
  1. Website: www.xpsolutions.com