Please track the educational sessions that you attend and enter the total number of hours on the certificate for your records. The certificate can be found on the link at the loading page.

  • A certificate of attendance will be available for download
  • Recordings of the presentations will be available for viewing post conference. The website hosting the recordings will document you viewing these recordings and not allow for you to fast-forward through the presentations (the site monitors you during the viewing of the presentation). The documentation of you viewing these recorded presentations will be available for your use for CEUs one month post conference via email/TCWP website.

  • ast one-month from the conference, the website hosting the recordings will no longer document your viewing these recordings and viewings can be fast-forwarded (self-paced). Therefore, viewing of these recordings will only be available for Correspondence Course Credits.

For P.E. credit:

For the PE CEUs, the conference webinar can be used for CEUs in two ways:

1)As a Correspondence Course (recorded presentations). Correspondence courses are typically self-paced and participation is not monitored by the provider. These types of courses are acceptable up to three hours per year or 6 per reporting cycle. Correspondence courses are courses that involve the student reading articles, textbooks, manuals or some other text delivered either in print or electronic format. Correspondence courses are courses done by mail, email, computer or fax and does not involve contact or interaction with an instructor, or where contact with the instructor is limited. Correspondence education is typically self-paced and attendance and participation is not monitored throughout the course

    • Up to 6 hours per two year reporting period (renewal period starts in January 1, 2020)
    • Up to 6 hours can be carried over to the next renewal period
    • Participant provides a copy of the material (ppt or video) with a personal record of how much time was taken, and retain documentation for 4 years

2) Distance learning or online learning (live webinar). Distance learning or online learning means education where instruction is delivered instantaneously through an instructor, webinar or through live or recorded audio or video through the internet or other one-way or two-way transmissions. In distance learning or online learning the student is expected to attend the course or view the instruction for a set period of time where attendance is monitored. The online course provider must submit to you a certificate of completion or other proof of attendance.

  • This can be used for the 30 hours per renewal period
  • Needs to be 1-hour in length
  • Documents supporting evidence of attendance: completion certificates, attendance log or other documents supporting evidence of completion.